United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary-PSU.Urd
United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary-PSU.Urd

The UAPSA-PSU.Urd is one of the Legitimate Architectural Student Organization of the Philippines, a duly registered and part of United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary National under its founding professional organization-the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP). It is recognized as an Architectural Student Organization.

President: Maedelle Ann E. Simon
Adviser: Arch. Hubert C. Mislang
Co-Adviser: Arch. Alven T. Bactad

Student Activities

April 11, 2022

In partnership with Architechnologies Inc. and Graphisoft ARCHICAD, a 2-hour and 30 minutes lecture were conducted, entitled: INTO THE FUTURE, BIM READY. Ar. Eugenio Fontan Yanes, a BIM consultant at Graphisoft, was the guest speaker who gave insights about the topic. The event was held through Zoom Meetings.


The 2021 World Architecture Day was conducted through MS Teams with the theme of: “Clean Environment for a Healthy World”. This event highlights the stronghold of architecture towards the environment. Architect Roy T. Cordero, the President of UAP Pangasinan Scale Chapter, was invited to give a lecture about the WAD 2021 theme. Videos that are also relevant to the WAD theme were streamed via MS Teams. Architect Hubert Mislang, the UAPSA Adviser, delivered his message to the students about WAD 2021 theme; it is to encourage students to value architecture and the environment. Competitions were also conducted during this event, such as: 3DRendering, Graphite Rendering, and Mixed-Media Rendering.

October 4, 2021

PANIMULA: Pagbalangkas sa Panibagong Landas is this year’s theme for
the Architecture Department Orientation.

The UAPSA PSU-Urdaneta conducted the freshmen orientation to welcome the students of the architecture department.
The objective of this event is to introduce students to the faculty of the
department, the essential things they need to know about architecture such as the drawing tools and materials needed, the curriculum,
and the overview of the architecture student organization.

The freshmen orientation was held via MS Teams with the participation of architecture faculty, students, and guests. The college dean, Engr. Rex Basuel, and the department chair, Arch. Simeon Rico Jr, gave
their welcoming address. Architecture was also explained in a broader sense for the students to grasp its importance in the society which was discussed by the UAPSA officers.

Along with it, the materials and drawing tools were also discussed to know what are the starter pack of architecture students.
The newly passed examiners of Architecture Licensure Exam were also
invited, namely, Arch. Neil Christian Collado and Arch. Adrian Paul Pascua, and the new graduates namely, Mr. Bill Kimpert Pacleb and Ms. Rochelle Mendoza, who delivered their message about “How to Survive Architecture” which gave enlightenment to the students on their journey of becoming an architect.

Moreover, Arch. Rico explained the curriculum and held a question-andanswer to answer the concerns of the students. The architecture faculty gave their inspirational message and their experiences when they were in architecture school.

Lastly, the UAPSA organization was introduced to the students which tackled the membership, calendar of activities, and benefits of the organization.

To end the event, the President of UAPSA PSU-Urdaneta, Ms. Maedelle Ann Simon, gave her closing remarks and gratitude to those who participated in the event.