Student Supreme Council

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Urdaneta City, Pangasinan


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Monday – Friday

8:00 AM -5:00 PM

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Projects and Activities

The Supreme Student Council is the highest governing student body of Pangasinan State University, Lingayen Campus. As the new academic year has begun, a new emblem will represent the heart of leadership and commitment to serving PSUnians on a higher pedestal.
This change will mark the beginning of a new chapter for the Council, representing the entire student body. Come and join us in navigating the newly paved route. Gird your loins as we serve the PSUnians with pride and might!


  • Generate reports required for decision-making, budgeting, and the development of educational plans and projects.
  • Implement office automation technologies to assist with a variety of office tasks that enhance communications and workflow (paperless transactions) while protecting data security and integrity;
  • Identify and fix network-connected workstation and server problems to minimize downtime for data delivery to units and offices;
  • Maintain constant website accessibility to ensure that all users can access the university’s programs and activities.


Our goal of continuously achieving academic excellence remains alive, as success truly transpires when we join forces. Serving with our unwavering commitment, passion, and grit, we will soar high and roar with pride. We shall bravely march down the new road, climb up the highest mountain of progress, and reach the burning torch at the summit.


  • Implement office automation tools to assist with a variety of administrative tasks that enhance workflow and communications across units/offices and maintain continuous online connectivity to ensure global access to university programs and activities;
  • ICT equipment connected to the network is maintained, and the university’s main computer network is managed.




SCALE: Fairness and Equality
The Supreme Student Council uphold its balance between truth and fairness when it comes to filtering facts and being objective before implementing the right action. Relating to the fairness of judicial student process, the scale emphasizes that both sides should be considered without any bias nor prejudice. The Supreme Student Council ensures that every action done by the student body is going through a rigorous action. With the right level of professionalism, the student organization upholds its utmost transparency that can be visible, and associated to the students’ welfare, making sure that every action administer has been recorded at full accountable.

LION: “The mightiest of the beast”
The lion, which is regarded as the mightiest of the beast is from the symbol of the university’s official seal. Regarded as the king of the jungle, the power it holds, its commanding roar which echoes and gives the power to govern the jungle. Following the fourfold functions of PSU in Instruction, Research, Extension, and Production depicts the four strong legs of the statue. Which is the basis of the council’s main purpose, to serve the students with the right level of autonomy and authority. The tail of the lion which was designed to resemble the appearance of a lit torch, just like the light given to the student’s voice and welfare. And its foot which depicts the motion of moving forward and its versality to adapt to the changes given the efforts and initiatives of the university—the student organization emphasizes a keen sense of versatility to also adapt to the changes and for the student body to move forward.

THREE STARS: 3 Colleges
The three stars in the logo of the Supreme Student Council represents the three colleges — the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA), the College of Arts and Education (CAE), and the College of Computing (CoC )— are all served by the Supreme Student Council. In which case these colleges represent every department that the student council embodies, whereas these departments are equally and well represented by their elected representatives.

LINES: The Organization’s Goal
The Supreme Student Council upholds the university’s Mission and Vision, which is having a goal for the present and future. It is to achieve a progressive governance with the guidance and directions of the council advisers and student leaders at the Pangasinan State University Urdaneta City Campus for the council to serve as the voice, the bridge, and the light for all students.