The Bachelor of Arts in English Language Program of PSU Urdaneta City Campus started its Level III Accreditation on May 16, 2022. Present in the Accreditation room were Dr. Honorio Cascolan, the Campus Executive Director, Dr. Elizabeth F. Episcope, Dean of College of Arts and Education, Mr. Marvin Q. Corpuz- Chair, English Language Department, Ms. Angeles Emma Gacad-Campus Librarian, and the accreditation members from the English Language Department and its allied faculty.

Day 1 of the Accreditation proper was allotted for document checking. The second day focused on online interviews in four areas namely, Instruction, Extension, Faculty Development and Library. The English Language Department together with its allied faculty, have successfully presented their reports and supplied pertinent and necessary evidences.

Accreditation activities will be concluded on Day 3 (May 20, 2022)as the exit conference for all programs accredited.

Accreditors of the ABEL Program are as follows: Dr. Ronnie N. Parica (Overall Coordinator), Dr. Adrian B. Aguilar, (Team Leader), Dr, Erlinda S. Jiz De Ortega (Team Member), and Prof. Jocelyn T. Salviejo (Team Member).