By | Adnes Jay Estrada, Opinion Editor and Jayson Nathaniel Tan, Editor-in-Chief
December 21, 2022

SAN NICOLAS, Pangasinan β€” Pangasinan State University, Urdaneta Campus’ (PSU-UC) Gender and Development Office spearheaded the gift-giving activity to the Ibaloi indigenous community in San Nicholas, Pangasinan, through “Project Bataris.”

The outreach activity provided clothes and grocery packages to an exact number of 96 families, while school supplies and toys were given to an approximate of 60 children.

To reach the area, PSU-UC student and faculty volunteers hiked a 1-hour trail upwards Ibaloi ancestral domain in the mountainous area of San Nicolas.

According to Mr. Mark Padilla, the coordinator for extension services & community involvement, a team of 50 students and faculty were challenged to cross the steep slope of the mountain’s trail as some were carrying loads of donations with bare arms. “Off the edge of the narrow trail uphill was rocky, rough stretch of river. Many sorts of grasses and trees covered the slope along every walk. So, we made sure to take precautions on the ant-line of student volunteers with us” he added.

Project Bataris was organically advertised by student volunteers and was funded through donations. This aims to help Indigenous groups within Pangasinan as part of PSU-UC’s support for their culture and heritage.

In an interview, Mr. BJ Ambat, the Gender and Development Coordinator of PSU-UC emphasized that the project’s execution was difficult due to problems in finance. However, he added in a statement that he appreciates the efforts exerted by the PSU community towards project π˜½π™–π™©π™–π™§π™žπ™¨ making it a huge success.

“This activity was a big success because of the overwhelming support from the PSU community, especially the administration, faculty members, and students – the administration for approving all documents needed for the activity; the faculty members for encouraging everyone to participate; and students for actively dropping their donations in the π˜½π™–π™©π™–π™§π™žπ™¨ drop boxes,” he added.

Project π˜½π™–π™©π™–π™§π™žπ™¨ was accompanied and supported through a partnership with several student organizations, such as KANAFIL, SHIELD, CYMEL, IIEE and The Technoscope Publications. Mr. Emil Isaac R. Conde, the adviser of Technoscope expressed his deep gratitude of the GAD unit and TEO’s partnership by saying, “The collaboration between the Technoscope Publications and the GAD unit was a simple dream turned into reality. From simple conversations about the true essence of helping, this activity was the product of our willingness, commitment, and dedication. Indeed, this action is an embodiment of our compassion.”

The Ibaloi people are an indigenous ethnic group collectively known with other indigenous groups as Igorot, mostly residing in the Cordilleran Mountain ranges, but have found their way in neighboring provinces.

Consultant | Mr. Emil Isaac Conde, The Adviser
Creative Works | Jayson Nathaniel Tan, Editor-in-Chief