Brigada Eskwela is an annual event across the public elementary and secondary schools in the Philippines spearheaded by the Department of Education to promote collaborations with the students, parents, partner institutions, and other stakeholders to contribute their time, efforts, and resources. Furthermore, the Brigada Eskwela ensures that public schools are well-prepared the time before the start of the new academic year.

The College of Computing of Pangasinan State University Urdaneta City Campus, with its ongoing partnership with the Tuliao National High School, participated in the Brigada Eskwela 2022 last August 5. The team consists of faculty members and students from the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department and Information Technology Department of the College of Computing. The faculty members present were: Prof. Michael Acosta, chairperson of the IT Department; Prof. Emmerson Ramir España, campus executive secretary; Sir Rhenel Bernisca, MIS Coordinator; Sir Paul Andrew Roa, campus document control custodian; Prof. Caren A. Pacol; Sir Ray Anthony Magat; Ma’am Ezralyn Coz; and Sir Daniel Bezalel A. Garcia.

The PSU Team arrived at exactly 8:45 AM. The day launched with a courtesy call of the PSU Team in the office of Sir Danny S. Agustin, Principal IV of TNHS, represented by Sir Alexander Gabiola, Master Teacher of TNHS. The courtesy call also became an avenue to talk about possible collaborations of TNHS and the COC of PSU Urdaneta that might improve the teaching and learning experience of the students of TNHS.

After the arrival and courtesy call, the PSU Team started cleaning computer laboratories and classrooms under the supervision of Sir Alexander Gabiola and Ma’am Marites Figueroa by wiping and sweeping out the clouds of dust, and decluttering and organizing the rooms. Also, the IT faculty members helped in checking the software compatibility and hardware conditions by conducting basic troubleshooting and basic hardware servicing of the computer units to make sure that the units are usable by the students at the start of face to face class. 

Monitoring of extension programs/projects/activities and consultancy services  were also conducted. The IT department has lined up extension activities for August up to December 2022. 

The day ended with sweat and exhaustion, but it was all worth it because this is all for the students and for the country, of course. Indeed, the most effective and fulfilling way to achieve big feats is by working hand in hand and lifting each other up.